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Creating an API key for the Bybit exchange

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There are 3 different ways to create an API key for the ByBit exchange:

1. FastAPI (a new way to quickly create an API).

2. Through the binding of third-party applications.

3. Create an API in the usual way.


1. ByBit FASTAPI is a convenient, fast and secure way to create API keys. With FASTAPI, you can automatically generate and bind API keys in a couple of clicks without having to enter them manually. 

If futures trading is enabled in your ByBit account, then using ByBit FASTAPI, 2 separate API keys are created at once — Spot and Futures USDS-M. 

When FASTAPI is connected, a white list of IP addresses is used, which ensures the safety and security of user funds. All trading operations will be allowed only from IP addresses from the white list. In addition, the FASTAPI connection cancels the 90-day validity period of the API key.


To use this function, you need to select the ByBit exchange on the API key addition page and click the link "FASTAPI connection", you will be redirected to your ByBit account, where you will need to approve access. If you are not logged in to the exchange, then you will need to log in first, it is better to do this before creating an API key.


Next, approve access to your account to create an Access API and set trading permissions.



After successful completion of the operation, you will receive the message "The key 'FastAPI key' has been successfully created" and you will be able to use the created keys for the ByBit Spot and Futures.


2. Creating an API key through binding third-party applications

On the API key creation page, select "Connect to a third-party application", select "Revenuebot" from the list and give the application permission to "Read-write":


Next, we mark the API key access parameters and click Submit, we get:


Adding the "API key" and "API secret" in the RevenueBot personal account:


Everything is ready, the API key can be used to trade RevenueBot bots on the ByBit exchange.


3. The usual creation of an API key for the Bybit exchangee

Step-by-step instructions for creating an API key on the Bybit exchange:

  • We start by enabling additional security features, activate "2FA authentication";


  • Go to the "API" key creation section;



  • Select "API Transaction" and enter the name of the key;


  • Selects a trade permit;


  • We install access from all IP addresses;


  • API key is successfully ready;


  • Inserting the API Key and API secret;


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