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How do I quickly create a bot without a fine tuning? Quick Start menu.

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With the Quick Start menu, you can create a bot without going into a lot of subtle settings. "Quick Start" is a simplified step-by-step creation of a bot. It's useful for users who are just starting to get acquainted with our platform. There are tips and recommendations available at every step to help you. If figuring out how to use and combine a lot of functions and settings is a daunting task that makes you want to give up on trading bots, then the “Quick Start” function is just the right thing for you. You need to set only the most necessary and understandable settings, the rest are ready for use and suitable for most cases. Later, when you have a better and complete understanding of how a bot works and of how a trade is conducted, you can return to the more advanced bot settings. The “Quick Start” mode also works in the simulation mode, you can create a test (virtual) bot and see how it would trade for a period covering the last 60 days and what profit it would have made.
A few simple and easy steps:

  1. Come up with a bot name.
  2. Select the exchange where the trade will take place.
  3. Select a previously created key or create a new one.
  4. Select a trading pair. For your convenience, we provide a list of trading pairs that have had the most profitable trades in the last 24 hours.
  5. Select bot algorithm.
    • LONG. The bot will buy the asset when the price falls and sell everything bought at a higher price.
    • SHORT. The bot will sell the asset when its price increases and buy off all that was sold when the price falls.
  6. Set the bot’s deposit by creating a new or selecting a previously created virtual wallet.
  7. Select the number of insurance orders. This will determine how many parts into which the bot will divide the deposit allocated to it.
  8. Select a trading mode. The following are the three most common bot configurations. 

    • The normal trading mode. It is suitable for most cases where the volatility is not very high. It doesn’t take long to learn how to control the work of the bot.
    • The low-risk trading mode. It is suitable for making a stable small profit without taking big risks. Minimal control of the bot’s operation is required (basically set it up and forget about it). The bidding process involves a small part of the deposit, and while the profit is small, the risks are also small.
    • The aggressive trading mode. Suitable for temporary trading when you have time to monitor the bot’s work. It allows you to make a better profit, but at the same time the risks increase.
  9. Select whether to activate filters that will determine when the bot will start operating. We always recommend that filters be used for the bot to start operating at the right times. These filters are also one of the most used functions for both the LONG and SHORT algorithms. You can also activate a set of filters based on popular and effective trade indicators such as RSI, CCI, Bollinger Bands.

Your bot is ready. Next you can:

  • Just create a bot. The bot will be created. You can read more information about how to operate the bot and learn about its statistics before it starts.
  • Create and edit bot. The bot will be created, the advanced bot settings menu will be available.
  • Create and Run Bot. The bot will be created and put into operation.

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