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How to reduce trading risks and increase the bot's averaging capabilities by restructuring the cycle?

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Restructuring the bot cycle

In order to reduce the risks of trading and expand the bot's averaging capabilities with high volatility, we implemented a mechanism for restructuring the active cycle of the bot.
Using this mechanism, you can increase the value of the tuning «overlapping price change (%)» in the current active cycle of the bot.
The new value will be applied when the specified number of orders of the safety net is executed on the exchange. 
Thus, you can move the prices of the remaining (new) insurance orders further away from the current exchange price when the price changes strongly and part of the bot’s insurance orders have already been executed.
You can include cycle restructuring in the «Bots» menu when creating/editing a bot.
The configuration is in the basic configuration unit of the bot.
In addition to the setting itself, you must specify:
 "Number of grid orders executed".
It sets the cycle restructuring mechanism to work. When the specified number of orders is executed on the exchange, the new value of the "price change overlap (%)" setting will be applied to the remaining grid orders.
 "New price change overlap".
After setting up «cycle restructuring» you can see what kind of price grid you will get by clicking «Show Order Grid».
The «cycle restructuring» configuration is also available in simulation mode.

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