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Partnership with TradeWire

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RevenueBot began cooperation with TradeWire


TradeWire is an artificial intelligence-powered trading signals platform that provides a comprehensive set of products and tools designed to empower traders and investors.

The service offers users: trading signals, economic calendar, currency screener, company financial reports, news, analytics, economic infographics and free scripts for indicators, advisors and trading bots.

By connecting TradeWire signals to RevenueBot you will make full automation of trading, the bot will receive signals to open positions, place take profit and stop-lose orders.
Below is an example of the bot settings required for the bot to work correctly with TradeWire signals.

1. In the bots tab, click on the “Create a new bot” button, give it a name, select an exchange and an API key. For new users, you can find out how to create it on any of the exchanges we support in our instructions.
We also select any trading pair, in the example “Link/Usdt” and the bot’s operating algorithm (long or short).

2. Specify the bot's deposit, leverage and select the position mode - hedging.

3. At the moment, this strategy is designed for 1n order and upon a signal, the bot will place a limit order at the entry price specified to it.
Set the percentage of order grid tightening to the maximum value, because In this strategy, we will indicate the bot's idle time, after which the order will be canceled.

4. Enable automatic switching of the trading pair, select the switching type “Signals”.
Check the boxes to use a unique pair and look for a new pair when the order grid tightening is triggered.

5. Select TradeAI signals and enable the use of stop-loss and % take profit order signals.

6. Be sure to enable the use of bot filters and set the stop-loss filter and cycle tightening as in the example below and save the settings.

One bot is designed to receive 1 signal, for this you can clone the bot in the number you need, so that the bots start when receiving each signal.

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