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Account balance refund policy

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The balance of the RevenueBot account is not refundable except in cases of erroneous replenishment.

In addition to erroneous top-ups, funds received under the referral program and from sales in the marketplace are subject to payment.

An erroneous replenishment is a replenishment of the balance of the Revenuebot account instead of a replenishment of the exchange account.

Refunds of erroneous top-ups are made upon request to the support service, which must be done no later than 3 days from the date of top-up. All requests that will be made later than 3 days from the moment of the erroneous replenishment will not be satisfied.

When returning erroneous top-ups, we charge a 10% manual processing fee, minimum 20USD.

Refunds are made in the same currency in which the replenishment was made, the user should take this into account when specifying the address where you need to make a return when contacting support.

Refunds are only possible for balance top-ups paid to us. Refunds are not made by internal transfers from other users.

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