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How much do RevenueBot’s services cost, what is the RevenueBot account balance?

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We don’t have a subscription fee or a commission for crypto-trades. You use the bot for free until it makes a profit, at which point we only charge a 20% commission on the profit that you make in the trading done by the bot, but not more than 50 USD in the BTC equivalent per calendar month for each type of trade (Currently presented are 3 types of trade: SPOT, Futures USDS-M, Futures Coin-M). The reporting period is from the first to the last day of the month. You don’t have to spend your money to use our bot!
The bot trades with the balance that you have in your account on the exchange. The profit made is also received in the account on the exchange. We do not have access to the funds on your account on the exchange, and therefore cannot charge it. As a result, there is a RevenueBot account balance from which the commission is charged every time the bot makes a profit. The commission is 20% of each profit made by the bot, but no more than 50 USD in the current calendar month. The commission will continue to be charged until the 50 USD has accumulated, after that the commission will cease to be charged until the 1st of the new month.
After the bot makes the first profit, the commission will be charged and the account balance will become negative. The user will be given 3 days to top-up the balance and continue using the service. During these 3 days there are no restrictions in the platform’s work.
Each transaction for paying a due commission is displayed on the user’s profile page.
You can top up your balance in any way convenient to you, for any amount. You need to keep the balance positive. After 3 days, if the user does not top up their account balance, the account will be suspended and all its bots will stop operating.

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