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How do I buy a ready-made bot configuration?

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If you doubt your bot's settings or want a ready-made and proven bot, then, through our Marketplace, you can select and buy from other users of our platform a proven bot configuration with full statistics of its work available for the selected period of time.
Important: When choosing a bot, evaluate it carefully, look at the profitability indicator last, since it is not difficult to attain high profitability in a short period of time, the result of the bot's work on the long term is more important.
The Marketplace includes only those bot configurations that have operated without changes to their settings for at least 7 days and have a deposit equivalent to at least 50 USD. This restriction was introduced to protect buyers from buying bot configurations that are created and displayed on the marketplace only for the purpose of achieving numerous sales, showing very good profitability results in a short period of time.
Our recommendations for choosing a bot in the marketplace.
What to choose, a bot that uses only one trading pair or one that automatically switches trading pairs based on volatility analysis?
- A bot that uses one trading pair can be very profitable and will encounter minimal risks in trading. If you are choosing a bot that will only work with one trading pair, then we usually recommend trading coins from the top 20-30 These are large coins with huge capitalization and background; such coins are less susceptible to various negative trading situations.
- A bot with an automatic switching of a trading pair enabled based on a volatility analysis will potentially make more profitable trades, but it is important to configure it correctly in order to protect yourself from risks.
At the start of the bot and at the start of each new cycle of work, the bot will select a trading pair for which the volatility is better at that moment. If you choose a bot with an automatic switching of a trading pair enabled based on a volatility analysis, then be sure to look in the bot description for information on the criteria used by the bot’s creator in order to limit the bot when it is choosing coins.
In a bot with an automatic switching of a trading pair enabled, it is imperative to use black / white lists of coins to prevent the bot from choosing coins that are dangerous for trading.
There is a lot of information on a bot’s work that is made available when it is put on sale, be sure to pay attention to the following:
1. The bot's risk level.
Be sure to take into account the risk level of the settings of the bot that you are considering to buy. The risk level could be:
- Low. These are bots with not very high profitability indicators, but whose trading risks are minimal, which makes them suitable for calm and long-term trading. Such bots do not require a lot of attention in terms of maintenance.
- Medium. These kinds of bots combine a good proportion of profitability and risk, and are suitable for most cases.
- High. These are bots with aggressive settings, usually with very good profitability, but the risks of trading also greatly increase. Such bots are suitable for temporary trading, in the long term they will be ineffective and possibly unprofitable.
- Maximum. These are bots with very aggressive settings. Such bots are often added to the Marketplace only for the purpose of selling. Such bots show huge income in the short term, but in the long run they will be unprofitable in most cases. If you choose such a bot, then use it temporarily.
2. The amount of manual cancellations of cycles.
A large amount of manual cancellations of a bot’s cycles indicates that the user intervened in the bot's trading by manually cancelling its orders on the exchange, essentially fixing a loss that is not reflected in the bot's statistics.
An indicator greater than 2-3 manual cancellations of a bot’s cycles should be regarded as suspicious.
3. The number of bot filters.
Bot filters are not a prerequisite for the safe operation of a bot, but if you are looking for a bot with filters to start (working with trading indicators), then pay attention to their presence in the bot that you are buying.
Note that no trading indicator can predict strong price movements, and in some cases it will even slow down the bot's work, thus reducing profitability, since the bot will essentially stand idle while waiting for the required indicators.
It is more important to pay attention to which trading pair the bot is trading with; for large coins from the top 20, we think filters can be omitted, since this only slows down the bot's work.

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