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How to sell a successful bot configuration?

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Using our Marketplace, sell the effective bot configurations you created to other users.
To sell a bot configuration, you need to activate it in the output table of all your bots here.
Indicate the cost of the configuration, and also add a detailed description of how to work with your configuration, which will be available to the user for review. Describe the basic principles of your configuration, features, important points that the user should pay attention to while using it. 
Be sure to include a contact for feedback, this increases confidence and the likelihood of a purchase.

Important: Rules for placing bot configurations for sale in the marketplace.

To add to the marketplace:
- The bot description must contain useful information, at least 100 characters.
- A working contact for feedback must be indicated (email, telegram).
- You cannot use IDs and names of other bots from the marketplace in the bot name.
- The price of the placed configuration must not be more than 0.01BTC

To appear on the marketplace:
- The bot must work without changing the settings for at least 7 days. When you change any of the bot's settings, including the name of the bot, the bot's wallet and the amount in it, the bot will not be shown in the marketplace until it has worked with the new settings for 7 days.
- Bot's deposit (the amount in the bot's wallet) must be equivalent to at least 50USD.

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