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How do I get started? What is needed for this?

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  1. Register with us and confirm your registration by e-mail. This will take a few minutes.
  2. The bot trades with the funds that are available in your accounts on the exchanges. Therefore, you need to have accounts on the crypto exchanges where you intend to trade, and these accounts need to have the balance of cryptocurrency necessary for trading. We don't store or accept deposits of your cryptocoins for trading, and we do not make any payments (except for payments under the RevenueBot referral program). All cryptocoins are stored in your crypto exchanges accounts.
  3. Create API keys on the necessary crypto exchanges and add them to our platform. To work with the exchange, the bot needs an API key to access the exchange on behalf of your account. The key consists of the key itself and a secret part.
    API keys need to be created only with trading rights, but without the rights to withdraw funds from the exchange. Don't use the same API key that our bot uses for any other needs or platforms.
  4. Create virtual wallets on our platform. Virtual wallets are used to define the deposit with which the bot will operate.
  5. Top up your RevenueBot account balance. The RevenueBot account balance is used to pay the platform’s commission that is due for every profitable transaction that the bot makes for you. You can top-up your RevenueBot account balance after you have made your first profit from the bot trade.
    Read about the cost of our services here.
  6. Create one or more bots and run them. If you are a beginner, then, using our Quick Start menu, you can create a bot without going deep into the more advanced settings. "Quick Start" is a simplified step-by-step bot creation process. It is useful for users who are just beginning to get acquainted with our platform. In every step of the process, you are given tips and recommendations. You only have to set up the most basic and simple settings, the rest are already ready and suitable for most cases. Later, when you fully understand how the bot works and how trading is conducted, you can start working with the advanced bot settings. The “Quick Start” mode also works in simulation mode, you can create a test (virtual) bot and see how it would have traded in a period covering the last 60 days and the profit it would have made.

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