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How do I use shared coin lists for bots with automatic pair switching?

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If you use a bot that automatically switches the pair, you probably use a black/white list to limit the bot to the pair selection. The black list sets the coins that the bot will not trade. The white list specifies the coins from which the bot will choose. We have implemented common lists of coins that can be created in advance and used in several bots. By editing such general lists they apply to all bots where these lists are used. This is convenient, since it is not necessary to edit lists in each of the bots, it is enough to edit a common list once. You can create common lists in the Toolbox, the Volatility Analyzer tab, and the Lists tab. To create a common list, you have to create a list name, select an exchange, set a list of coins, click the button to create. The created generic list will be available for selection when creating/editing a bot in the Automatic Switch Trade Pair setting with Switch Type Volatility Analyzer. In addition, when creating/editing a bot, it can add its own local list in addition to the general list, if necessary.

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