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The RevenueBot referral program

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The RevenueBot referral program

You can make a lot of money by simply recommending RevenueBOT to your friends, acquaintances, visitors or subscribers. We offer you 30% of the income we will receive from the users you have attracted to our platform.

Information about the referral program can be found in the User Profile, in the Referral Program menu.
There you can pick the advertising format of your choice (link/slogan/banner), with which you can attract new users by giving personal recommendations and by promoting on the Internet on websites, forums, social networks, mailing lists and other tools. After their registration, the new user will be assigned to you. You will get a reward of 30% of our commission on all profitable transactions conducted by the new user attracted by you.
Unless you request a payment to an external address, all referral payments will be made to your account balance on RevenueBot and will be spent on paying the platform’s commission fee.

The payment of the referral fee is available upon making a request from the user Profile menu in the payment Request tab.
Payment is made only in BTC.
The minimum payment amount is 0.003 BTC.
Referral payments are paid out within 72 hours from the moment the payment is requested.

How it works

  • Create an account on the RevenueBot website.

  • Log in to your account and follow the “Referral Program” link.

  • Choose the appropriate advertising link/slogan/banner. Pay attention to your referral link.

  • Create personal recommendations and promotion for RevenueBot using the Internet: website, forums, social networks, newsletters and other tools.

  • After registration, the client will be assigned to you. The system calculates the reward automatically.

  • Get a reward for all profitable trader’s transactions. Withdraw funds upon accumulation or use the balance to pay for your own bots.

Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program

  • Payment of the referral reward to the Affiliate (referrer, webmaster – this is the name of the user who brings in the referrals) is made upon request in the administrative panel of the website.

  • The standard referral rate is 30% of the amount of commission that the user pays for using the RevenueBot.

  • The transition of referrals from one Affiliate to another is prohibited.

  • It is strictly prohibited to send SPAM (in personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities of partners, in e-mail newsletters, forums, etc.) to attract Referrals.

  • It is strictly prohibited to use the RevenueBot and partner websites brand names as the domain names of websites created to attract traffic for the RP.

  • The RevenueBot reserves the right to change and enhance these terms and conditions or cancel the program in whole or in part at any time without prior approval from the Affiliate.

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