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Trading mode templates.

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To make it easier to create a bot, we have made trade mode templates so that users who are new to our platform do not have to delve into the advanced bot settings immediately.
When creating a bot using the Quick Start menu, the user first specifies the simplest and most understandable settings, such as bot name, exchange, trading pair, API key, deposit. Then the user is asked to choose the trade mode of the bot in the form of a template, a set of which we have prepared to make it easier for the user to create the first bots and which will be suitable for most cases.
1. The normal trading mode. It is suitable for most cases where the volatility is not very high. It doesn’t take long to learn how to control the work of the bot.
2. The low-risk trading mode. It is suitable for making a stable small profit without taking any great risks. Minimal control of the bot’s operation is needed (basically set it up and forget about it). A small part of the deposit is used in the bidding, and while the profit is small, the risks are also small.
3. The Aggressive trading mode. Suitable for temporary trading when you have time to monitor the bot’s work. It allows you to make a better profit, but at the same time it increases the risks.
These templates are sets of bot configurations. After the user has gained an understanding of how to set up and operate a bot, they can change any of these configurations separately.

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