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The simulation mode of the bot RevenueBOT (BACKTEST).

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The simulation mode of the bot RevenueBOT (BACKTEST).

In order to gain more profit and reduce the risk of trading a RevenueBot bot, it is important to find the correct bot configuration. In order to find the optimum configuration we made a simulation mode of the bot operation so that we could see how the bot traded in the last 60 days for any of the trading pairs. Try different configurations of the bot and see how it traded on real price charts in the past with a virtual deposit.

Create a bot with simulation mode.

In order to enable the simulation mode of the bot operation you need to activate the checkbox "simulate bot behavior" during its creation/editing, otherwise the creation of a bot with simulation mode is not different from the creation of a normal bot. For convenience, a bot with simulation mode enabled is marked in the output table of all bots by a separate background.

Control the bot with simulation mode.

Starting a bot with simulation mode is done in the same way as starting a normal bot.

It is impossible to stop a running bot in simulation mode, it will stop itself when the simulation is completed (all data for the past 60 days are processed).

Statistics of the bot's work with the simulation mode.

The statistics of the bot with the simulation mode are available in the same place as the statistics of the normal bot. You need to click on the name of the desired bot in the Statistics menu, and the statistics of the bot's work cycles will open.

Important: The correct time for output of bot statistics (past 60 days) should be given here.

Also note that the complete processing of the simulation of the work of the bot in the past 60 days usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes.If the bot is set to automatically switch the trade pair based on the volatility analyzer, it can take up to 1 hour to complete the simulation of the bot operation.

Until the processing of data for all past 60 days is complete, the bot in simulation mode has "status: Started", "state: Simulation". It is not necessary to wait for the end of the simulation to get acquainted with the results of the work of the bot in simulation mode.

The first completed bot cycles will appear some time after the bot’s launch, and the list will be supplemented as the data is processed.

If the bot has gone to "Status: Off", "State: Normal", then all data is processed up to now and only now can fully evaluate the operation of the bot in simulation mode. All cycles that the bot would perform are available for inspection.

Bot cycles that last more than 24 hours are marked in the column "Long cycle" with the value "Yes", which allows to see idleness in the bot operation and to adjust the settings to make the bot trade more efficiently.

Thus, by setting different settings and running them on real graphics in the past, it is possible to find the optimal settings for the actual work of bot.

Note that the results of the robot in simulation mode can be inaccurate and differ from the work of the real bot because:

  • the moment when the bot starts is important
  • different delay settings of the bot don't work in simulation mode.

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