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What is price overlap and what should be chosen?

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A bot works with a grid of safe orders. It places orders below the current price with the LONG algorithm and above the current price with the SHORT algorithm. The Price Overlap bot defines how much below or above the current price the last order of the grid of safe orders will be. Configuring the Price change overlap is the defining setting of the bot. This setup specifies by how much percent the bot will cover the possible price change in the trading pair with its insurance orders. This setting determines the limits within which the bot can be averaged. If the price changes more than what was specified in the Price Overlap configuration, the bot will no longer be averaged there, as the last order of the grid of safe orders will be executed. After that, see how much the price has changed in the past for the trading pair and try to set a value that will cover possible future price changes. The higher the value of the Price Change Overlap, the less the risks, but the profit and deposit will also be less. At the moment, we usually do not recommend setting the Price Overlap at less than 30-40%.

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