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Creating an API key for the EXMO exchange

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API key for trading with a bot on the EXMO exchange

Let’s learn to create an API key on the EXMO crypto exchange and add it to RevenueBOT. This guide will help you connect the bot to EXMO via the API with the correct permissions.

Creating an API key on EXMO

  • Go to the exchange account , go to the profile menu and click on the Settings link;


  • Go to the “API key settings” menu and click on “Generate and save”;


  • Confirm the creation of a key pair, click on “Yes”. After that, the window with the key and its secret part will appear;


  • Please note that the Secret Key is shown only once, so it is better to save both lines in Notepad:
    Public key: K-019ef87034b32ea7b700b1707ef3090bedb24312;
    Secret key: S-bb4b45cd434ac081b4eaccd651fbd818d1d82fbe;

  • If you want to activate the key, click on the link that was sent to your email;


  • Click on “Activate the key”.


Adding API key to RevenueBOT

  • Go to the API keys menu and click on ADD NEW API KEY;

adding exmo api key to revenuebot
Come up with a name for the key (for example, exmo). Select exmo from the list of exchanges. Add your EXMO public API key to the “API Key” field. In the “Api Sign” field, enter the secret key from Exmo. Click on ADD NEW API KEY;

добавление апи на revenuebot
Congratulations! You have successfully created an API key, and now you can use it when creating a bot for the EXMO exchange.

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