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How do I set up notifications about the bot's work in order to receive them on Telegram?

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Often, users do not configure their Telegram alerts correctly, which causes them to not work. You need to strictly follow the detailed step-by-step instructions

You can use Telegram to receive the following messages:

  • On Fix Order
  • Balance
  • On Terminal Fix
  • Stop-Loss completed
  • Last Order Completed
  • News/Updates
  • Private Messages
  • Restrict Cycle
  • Bot started
  • Selling on Marketplace
  • Errors
  • Bot Stopped
  • Mentorship selling

If you want to activate this feature, you need to

  1. Add your Telegram account to your profile.
  2. Select the notifications that you want to add for sending via Telegram and activate "Telegram notifications" - > ONtelega2.png
  3. As soon as you click on "Telegram notifications" - > ON, a pop-up window will appear:
  4. Click on the "Telegram notifications" link; you will be redirected to the contact of our Telegram bot
  5. Go to the Telegram chat with @Revenue_IO_bot and activate messages by clicking on Start or typing the /start command. If you do everything correctly, you will receive a message from RevenueBot that alerts are activated. telega5.png
  6. Keep in mind that you can always set up alerts for each bot individually. You just need to enable the desired notifications in the settings of the bot.

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