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How to create a bot on the RevenueBot platform

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How to create a bot on the RevenueBot platform


1. Go to the Bots tab and click on the “Create a new bot” button.

2. Set the name of the bot, select the exchange and API key.

In this example, we will create a bot for the Binance spot exchange. You can create a bot for any of the exchanges we support
Read more about API keys in our article. 

3. Select a pair and the algorithm of the bot.

For beginners, we recommend using fundamental coins such as ETH, BTC, BNB.
We select the algorithm - Long, in which the bot buys the selected coin when the price falls, and then sells it when the price rises.

4. We set a deposit within which the bot will trade on the exchange.


A bot with the LONG algorithm buys the first coin of a trading pair, paying with the second coin of the trading pair. Therefore, for a bot with the LONG algorithm, the deposit (virtual wallet) must be in the second coin of the trading pair. 

In order to ask the bot for a deposit, you need to create a virtual wallet and assign an amount to it (in our case, 300 USDT).

Be sure to look at the information about the minimum deposit for the bot to work and what a wallet is and what it is needed for.

5. Select a bot settings template.

Normal trading mode.
Suitable for most cases when volatility is not very high. It doesn't take much time to monitor the bot's work.
Trading mode with little risk. Suitable for stable small profits without big risks. Minimal control over the operation of the bot is required (practically set it and forget it). A small part of the deposit is used in trading, the profit is also small, but the risks are small.
Aggressive trading mode. Suitable for temporary trading when you have time to monitor the bot’s work. Allows you to get more profit, but the risks also increase.

After choosing a template, you can change the bot’s fine settings to suit you.

6. Let's set the filter settings to get started.

Filters affect how often the bot will enter trades.
The bot will enter a trade as soon as all the conditions of the specified indicators in the bot filters are met.
You can read more about indicators in our knowledge base

7. Click the Create a new bot button.

8. Click on the Start button.


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