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How to include commission fees in BNB on the Binance exchange and what is it for?

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Our bots can only work with the spot market of the Binance exchange if the option of charging commission for transactions in BNB is activated on the exchange. This is related to the requirements of the exchange for rounding and discarding the marks after the point in prices and amounts of the orders. If the commission for exchange transactions is in one of the coins of the trade pair then the bot won't be able to set prices and order amunts because marks can be rounding and discarding. There are no such problems if the commission for the transactions of the exchange is removed in the BNB but is not in one of the coins of the traded pair. Therefore, you must activate the commission option for transactions in bnb before starting the bots . Detailed instructions is on the commission in BNB and how to include this option in the exchange account are described by Here.

In addition, if this option is included, the exchange is given a discount on the commission for transactions.

Important: Make sure you have BNB-free funds in your exchange account, from which the exchange will write off its commission on every order executed. The bot t checks the availability of bnb for trading. if it’s not enough, then the bot becomes an error.

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