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What is RevenueBot?

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RevenueBot is a software designed for automatic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges using the API interface.

The work of the bot is based on the use of high volatility rates of cryptocoins. The bot can trade in any pair of cryptocoins available on the selected exchange.

It is possible to run multiple bots simultaneously and thus trade multiple pairs of crypto coins simultaneously on one or on different crypto exchanges.

The bot operates from the cloud round the clock, there is no need to install the software on one’s computer and leave it turned on so that the bot does not interrupt its work.

Our platform does not offer services of trust management of cryptocurrencies and finances.

We can recommend successful strategies in the form of template bot settings, but how the bot will work is up to user. For this reason, our platform provides a convenient interface for accessing all possible bot settings as well as full statistics on trade and profit.

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