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Creating a XRP/USDT bot on the Futures exchange

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Creating a XRP/USDT bot on the Futures exchange

Now we show an example of bot configuration for the trading pair xrp/usdt, using the LONG algorithm on the Futures exchange with a deposit of 100USDT.
Below you can see our preferred settings, which minimize the risks when trading. You can skip the settings that are not shown in the screenshots, for a complete list of settings and a detailed description you can find here.

Be sure to check out the article on how to reduce the risks of trading leveraged futures.

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You can create and edit your bot in the Bots tab.

  • Name the bot and choose the API key, here you can read how to create it.

  • Select the XRP/USDT trading pair, set the LONG algorithm and set the size of the deposit for the bot.

    In order to set the deposit size for your bot, you should create a virtual wallet and assign it a number of insurance (in our case, it is 100USDT).
    Be sure to check out info about the minimum deposit to run the bot as well as what a wallet is and what its purpose is. We strongly advise to limit bot trading (bot deposit) to no more than 20-30% of available funds on the futures wallet in the exchange account.
    The remaining 70-80% of funds will provide margin and help to have climbed into positive territory if prices went astray.

  • Set the leverage (we recommend to use no more than 10-20).

  • Set the filter settings for the bot start.

    Here you set the filters for starting the LONG bot based on trading indicators, such as RSI, CCI.

  • Once all the settings are set you need to click "Create New Bot button". The newly created bot appears in the Bots table and now you can run it.

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